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Big Ben

United Kingdom


I recently had a coaching session with Tim. The session gave me a lot more than I expected.


Tim’s easy approach and highly skilled questioning eased me into thinking about areas of my life that felt blocked at the moment.


Through talking to Tim and his handling of what I said, I began to see ways in which to approach these blocks, ways that I doubt I’d have come up with if left to my own devices.


Throughout the session Tim was totally respectful and made me feel totally at ease, we spoke for well over an hour and there was no sense of urgency or pressure.


If you are struggling with any blocks or feeling stuck I would highly recommend working with Tim his manner and approach are both supportive and insightful.

November 2019

Image by Ryan Canada Flag



I have known Tim for several years and was very happy to have been given the opportunity to have a life coaching session with him. I have been plagued for years with an underlying issue and blockage around my creative passions. I have never had a life coaching session, so I was very open to experiencing this guidance with Tim.


Tim was extremely compassionate, non-judgmental and very professional in his work with me. He introduced new ways of self discovery for me that hit my core so deeply, I was barely able to speak (this happens to me when I am receiving deep healing and truths that I recognize). Through Tim’s wise guidance I am now able to enjoy the process in my work rather than freezing at the thought of imperfection.

I highly recommend Tim if you are considering a Coaching session. Tim genuinely assists you from his heart, to help you discover the truth about the real self- lovable you!

November 2019

Image by Luke Michael

United States


Four months prior to connecting with Tim I had just resigned from a corporate salaried position from an international fitness organisation in which I had served a decade as the National Education and Training Manager and Regional Group Fitness Manager for my State.  After a 35 year career in fitness, I had been feeling an inner urge to go out on my own. After connecting with Tim, I knew he could help my get some clarity and this is exactly what I needed. He was everything you would expect a personal coach to be; he was attentive, a keen listener, an excellent communicator, confident and compassionate.


As I look back at the last 6 months with Tim Snell, I have learned a lot of things about myself, but more importantly, I received some of the best personal coaching one could ask for! He has modeled high-level behavior for me that is invaluable.  As I move forward in a career of serving others, I now have a first-hand experience, and may I add a first-class experience of what it feels like to be "served".  


He made himself available for the emergency calls when I needed extra support. I noticed throughout all of my experiences Tim's kind disposition and acceptance of where I am in the moment. Many times I expected him to respond to me with frustration or irritation, but Tim never did.  I respect the hell our of Tim R Snell. I feel like Tim was truly invested in me as a coach and supporting me to achieve personal success.


What's possible for me is that I now know I can serve others too in an authentic way just as Tim served me. Because of his impeccable character and his genuine interest in my personal success I have evolved my understanding of what coaching is and what being a coach to others is all about. I am forever grateful.

November 2019

Image by Willian West



I loved my work with Tim, I felt understood, supported but most importantly challenged.

Tim knew how to pierce through the layers of my limiting beliefs to get to the root of what's holding me back.

From our work together I gained on perspective, clarity and felt motivated about my professional project after being stock for a while. I left our session with practical tools and concrete first steps for my action plan, I am now ready to get the ball rolling.

I would love to work again with Tim in the future, he's a brilliant coach!

November 2019

Big Ben

United Kingdom

Pantos Y

I worked with Tim for 6 months in 2019. When I started working with him, I had just graduated with a Master’s Degree from a top university but was unsure about my career direction. With his support during the short time we worked together, I landed a promotion along with a 20% pay increase.

I have developed greater confidence and awareness of myself under his guidance. I’ve also gained a sense of purpose; he has given me the tools to change my life.

Tim’s approach combines deep personal exploration with action-oriented guidance. He has a broad knowledge of resources and tools from ancient wisdom to the latest in scientific research, which allowed us to tailor each session based on my needs.


During our time together, I was able to openly explore in a safe environment. Rather than dealing with superficial symptoms, Tim uncovers the underlying causes. He demystifies seemingly baffling mental processes, unravelling uncertainty with piercing insight and penetrating intuition. I left every session with calmness, greater clarity and purpose.


I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who is looking for a personal coach.

August 2019

Non-Stop to Amsterdam


Iza W

My coaching sessions with Tim were an amazing experience. Every session we talked about a different subject, which was of my choosing.


I felt like I was truly listened to and still he was honest and was able to give me another perspective sometimes.


I found myself every time after the sessions feeling changed. Like something more permanently shifted within me. The things he said and revelations I had during the call, kept coming up in my head and I found myself really dealing with some difficult things in a whole other way.


Tim is an amazing coach, holds so much knowledge and wisdom and is able to support you on a very rational level as well as on a deeply spiritual one. I feel really grateful for the sessions with him and I know I will recommend him and will probably come back to him in future times for another meeting.


Thank you Tim (: 

August 2019

USA Flag

United States

Melinda A

Working with Tim as my coach, I have been more in tune with how to interpret my reactions to life's interferences, and channel those learning opportunities in a progressive direction towards putting my desired outcomes into motion.


Tim will never give you the obvious answer, but ask questions that make you think of things in ways you've never thought of before, and will lead you to your own self realization by paving the path in your mind and helping you translate them to manageable actions along the way.


I would not have succeeded at recent career milestones, if it wasn't for my insightful sessions with Tim. I'll keep coming back for more because I'm appreciative of his unique style of mentorship for the leaders of this generation

June 2019

Big Ben

United Kingdom

Vanessa M

I worked with Tim for 3 months and what we accomplished during this time was astonishing. Tim helped me uncover and unleash the incredible potential I have within.


Tim had a surprisingly rich knowledge in healing and spirituality and provided me with a broad range of advice, resources and connections within the spiritual community to help ease my fears, build my practice and support others. He very quickly found a way to speak my language and encouraged me to not only do more - but to BE more and get the most out of each day whilst I walked on this earth.


Most importantly, Tim had unwavering faith in me and my work. Encouraging me to step up and uncover this faith within myself, my work and with my connection with spirit. With this commitment, there is no stopping what I am capable of! There is not enough words to thank this talented individual.

May 2019

Non-Stop to Amsterdam


Helen V

Tim helped me in a time when my life was in turmoil. He listened and gave me the chance to explore my feelings. In between our conversations I got assignments which really made a difference. If I next encounter some problems I will be happy to turn to Tim once again.

March 2019

Greek Paradise


Amanda Z

I have been so fortunate to have worked with Tim over a period of several months during 2018.


It was to be a journey of healing & transformation that I would never have dreamed possible, & with the best guide & mentor anyone could wish to find. I don’t let go and trust very easily, but Tim’s empathic & sensitive approach allowed me to be open to receive healing on an extremely deep level. Mostly our work was over the phone & by distance healing, but some was in his physical presence.


Tim emits an amazing energy, and through the extensive knowledge of this intuitive and talented coach/healer I experienced many emotions, visions, and releases of past trauma. During analysis (with Tim) of each of our sessions, I was given inner work to do for myself through different practices, each with guidance.

I had to let go, so that I could move forwards - without Tim this may never have happened.

December 2018


United States

Stacey H

Tim is an insightful judicious coach and healer, with razor sharp attention to detail, and a great talent for expressing difficult subjects in an equanimous and eloquent manner.


His poise, confidence, and candid approach, makes it easy to be open, honest, and vulnerable in his presence. He is a discerning listener, asks thoughtful questions, and gently guided me through multiple techniques drawn from his many years of interdisciplinary study and personal practice. 


In my time with him, I was able to go directly to the source, rediscover the truth of my heart, and gain the perspective I needed to start to heal myself, and make the changes I needed to reclaim happiness in my daily life.  


If you are looking for a direct diplomatic approach, genuine conversation, and wisdom without mystical flowery charm, you will really appreciate working with Tim, and greatly benefit from his coaching!

December 2018


United Arab Emirates

Dmytro A

I have knew Tim for the past 2 years, we I started my APMP CP preparation, we were interacting very often, during those two years I found his skills and experience in the bid and proposal management and all associated related domains like capture & storyboard are impressive and appreciated.


He was able to guide me thought the APMP CP preparation and helped me pass my certificate at end. His communication was always clear, comments were insightful and was able to correct my direction when needed. I found him great mentor and I am grateful for all the effort he spent to make my APMP CP certificate journey successful.

November 2018


Big Ben

United Kingdom

Stuart K

Tim Snell is truly unique. His approach to management is an admirable blend of cultural, social and spiritual awareness delivered in a considered and pragmatic manner. It follows that he is a reliable and consistent high performer  whom I would have no hesitation in working with again.

Big Ben

United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates

Mark L

Tim is an exceptional leader who gains instant respect and credibility from anyone he engages. He has a great ability to engage a large and diverse range of stakeholders, in a clear, concise and professional manner.


What differentiates Tim from other leaders is his constant delivery of results. He is a well rounded, intelligent individual who has a fresh and innovate approach, and constantly pushes for continual excellence; but in a way that is inspiring and motivational. A pleasure to work with and an asset!


United Arab Emirates

Lewis D

In my personal experience, Tim's greatest asset is how he effortlessly finds a great balance between personal and professional development for his team, knowing that one without the other is essentially useless. Tim is a great leader, whose natural approachability and charisma complements his broad expertise.


Speaking & Presenting & Training

ICF Logoi.png

Persuasive Writing Techniques

November 2019, London

  • Very informative, concrete, full of god tips and techniques we can translate into our day-to-day BD activities.

  • A “hands on “ trainer, very knowledgeable and enjoyable.

  • I thought the whole day would be too much but in the end I wished it had lasted longer!

APMPUK Logo.png

Coach to Lead - Professional Development Half Day Workshop

October 2019, London

  • Fantastic session for learning how to really connect with people you work with and how to encourage and grow them effectively.

  • Well presented and personally a very valuable workshops a high quality of content and practical approach.

  • A dynamic and fast paced canter through the fundamentals of coaching designed to inspire delegates and equip them for great coaching.

APMPUK Logo.png

Connection, Trust & Stress Resilience - Workshop

Overall Rating 97.8% Satisfaction

October 2019, London

  • Brilliant session with some great ideas/tips to take forwards

  • Very interesting, would be interesting to see the longer presentation about values too

  • Lots of great ideas to build on

  • Great connection with audience

  • Relaxed, easy and professional presentation. Liked it a lot.

  • Presenter was clear, knowledgeable and able to provide evidence and examples for all topics. Very engaging session. Thank you

  • Great presenting style and engagement with the room

  • Brilliant!

  • Useful presentation with lots to think about. Will look forward to seeing the resources

  • Tim challenges you to be honest with your feelings and become more aware of other peoples feelings as well

  • Best presentation. Really good delivery. Interesting topic.

  • I loved the reframing compliments praise - really made me think. Also what you can pick up from listening more closely

  • Very good, thank you!

  • Very good speaker with a wealth of knowledge. Good structure session, great integration.

  • Very useful information - reflection on myself

  • Tim was very confident and assured in his presentation style

  • Really insightful, thanks Tim

  • Fantastic

  • Excellent facilitator , very helpful session


Leadership Strategies For More Connection, Trust, and Stress Resilience - Workshop

May 2019, Orlando

  • I thought this was one of the best sessions because it taught me to look at the communication styles of my team and try to address those styles instead of being frustrated by them

  • This session had valuable take home material

  • This was the best session I attended. The presentation was engaging and the interaction with my new friends at the table made me better understand and value differences to strengthen a team

  • Tim did a great job and we will be using his packet

  • I liked the assignments, good method to engage us

  • Very inspiring!

  • Great session that definitely lived up to the hype. I can't wait to get back to the office and try some of the techniques with my team

  • Very dynamic session

  • Great presentation! The best one of the conference or any precious conference. I will actually use this info again

  • This session was great. It has prompted more introspection but also offered tools to help with improving

  • Incredible session with lots of ideas I can implement

  • Joined this session late. Wish I had selected it initially

  • Tim is A1. Truly gifted and inspiring

  • Good session liked the interaction with others at my table

  • The "permission slip" activity at the beginning was super useful and helped me define my focus for what I wanted to get out of the conference   - Impact/active listening exercise and the recommendations to reframe how to give acknowledgements and leave a lasting emotional impression is a great tool

  • Thought he was great and very engaging. Can't wait to have my team take the tests and use these strategies within our groups. 

  • Good session...not sure what i was expecting but it exceeded expectations

  • I have already told everyone at lunch about the tools included in Tim's deck

  • Great presentation

  • I loved how interactive the workshop was. The activities made me stay engaged the whole time and gave me much to think about. Thank you!

  • Great session

  • Content was great


Be a Better Leader

Workshop London & New Orleans

May & October 2017

  • Tim was a great speaker, his leadership training was fantastic. Great content, will definitely take this on board. Wish it was longer, as this is a great session.

  • We need more breakout sessions like this and less tell session.

  • Great workshop with sets of after tools which could benefit from being within an overall journey.

  • Tim was really engaging and calm, I'm really pleased that I selected this talk as it was relevant. I enjoyed the interaction - more workshop than being talked at :)  Wish it had been longer...Key Note? Well Done Tim!

  • Excellent presentation style! A lot to cover in the time, but what was covered was done really well.

  • Workshop style - very refreshing, interactive, like the fact it was on leadership of team/skills.

  • Great takeaways a ref to 'free' tool kits to research some good comms tips.


  • This was excellent. On point relevant. Good pace. Very good use of workshops to such a big audience.

  • Make Tim a Keynote.

  • Great speaker - very inspiring.